Friday, December 14, 2018

Dr. Rock is one of the co-riders behind the infamous "Mobius Trip" documented on the ADV forum. The Doc has survived black-outs, hurricanes, bike lanes, and worse while living and working in New York City.  He creates back-country dual-sport routes through the most inhospitable terrain.  He rides with a mangey crew of misfits and adventurers.  The man knows hassle.

His testimonial for Anti-Hassle Tassels™:

"Anti-hassle Tassels have proven to be the single best upgrade to any dual-sport, adventure touring, off-road, or dirtbike. EVER. They increase the bike's horsepower, torque, acceleration, top speed, fuel efficiency and braking power. At the same time, they decrease the likelihood of rain, flat tires, and road closures.

As a bonus, they are precisely engineered, light-weight, field-serviceable, exquisitely designed, and stunningly beautiful."

"They totally make life worth living".

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