Friday, December 14, 2018

La Donna Fugata is a fierce rider. She has only been on motorcycles a short while, but in that time she has pillaged Nova Scotia, devoured the TAT, plundered Alaska and left most of the Northern Canadian provences tattered in ruins. In between Mobius trips, she commutes on the mean streets of NYC with her F650GS . She has three advanced degrees, 46 U.S. patents, speaks six languages, and holds a black belt in full-contact combat-pilates.

Her sworn testimonial for Anti-Hassle Tassels™:

"At last, a farkle that not only looks sleek but is highly-rated as functional. Following their installation on Blueberry, my ride immediately smoothed out. The windsheer power they provide propels me over rock gardens and boulders I never would have imagined attempting to ride in the past. I'm in awe at the pace with which the Anti-Hassle Tassels™ have enabled my riding skills to improve. I have a new-found confidence and look forward to the next challenge.....Conquering sand."

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